Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church
Food Pantry
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Sandra Tramiel
The Sojourner Truth Food Pantry is a mission driven ministry that serves the Hilltop/Fairmede and surrounding communities of West Contra Costa County. On the 3rd Saturday of each month form 12-2pm patrons can select from canned goods, juice, bread, milk, eggs, pasta, and meats at no charge. Pantry volunteers pick up food items each Wednesday from local food banks. Church members, community volunteers and students from the local Middle College set up and arrange the food and other goods on the Friday night and Saturday morning before the monthly distribution. Free fresh produce is also provided on first and third Saturdays from 12-1pm.
Peace Camp
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Rose Wilkerson
Elementary and Middle School students are gathered under a Bible-based theme to learn how to build peace in their lives, families, and communities. Some of the classes that are offered during this wonderful experience are dance, drumming, meditation, and creative writing.
Women’s Ministry
Our Vision
Our ministry exists to “Help as many people as possible become totally committed to Jesus Christ.” Our Women’s Ministry lives out this mission as we help women: Live with Christ, Live like Christ, Live for Christ. We believe these three goals capture the heart of God for every woman.
Presbyterian Women
Advances the causes of Christ with a focus on eliminating the trafficking of sexually exploited minors

Contact: Phyllis Givens

Delphia Matthews Circle
Focuses on community service and the building up the internal life of the congregation

Contact: Louise Schine



Emily Shehee Circle
Provides scholarships and other supports for young people seeking higher education and success in life.

Contact: Janice Wilson

Men’s Fellowship
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Paul Willie
Our Vision
The Men’s Fellowship strives to meet the needs of men in our community. There are opportunities to get involved in special events The ministry is constantly seeking growth in service.

Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church